Principal's Welcome

Your child matters.  In fact, when they enter our school they become "our" children, and we educate, motivate, and stimulate their learning and creative sides as partners with you.  We not only teach academics, but more importantly, character development.  To have young people who live with respect, integrity, kindness, and generosity, is our goal.

Our school is small, for a reason.  We use the current student - teacher ratio to engage one-on-one with each students, and are able to assist them to excel where they may not elsewhere.  Our multi-grade classroom format encourages a stronger learning environment, and the studies bear this out, proving learning isn't just from a teacher, but also each other.

Come visit us, I believe in what we do, and think you will too.

Sandra Goodrich, Principal

Meet Our Teachers & Staff

Sandra Goodrich

1st Grade - Fourth Grade

Jan Pekturovw

After-School Care

Luis Soria

Fifth Grade - Eight Grade

Ebony Huffins

Individualized Education Program

Liz Jimenez

Pre K - Kindergarden

Dean Waterman