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November 28 - KSCS News You Can Use!

Happy Sunday, KSCS Family!

I pray that you all spent Thanksgiving enjoying your family and friends, as well as reflecting on the blessings of God. One of my greatest blessings is being able to educate your children! I am so grateful to you all for understanding that this work is not just about academics, but it is the work of eternity. If your children have high academic scores but do not accept Jesus as their savior, I have failed them. But if they have Jesus, they have everything! So many of you have expressed this same sentiment to me and I thank you so much for making God a priority in your children's lives.


Two forms were missing from our enrollment packets that we need to have parental signatures on. The Consent to Treat form gives medical professionals the ability to treat your child in the case of an emergency. The Student Technology Responsibility form indicates that parents are aware of their financial responsibility in the case that their student damages the school's technology (laptops, iPads, etc). I will be getting signatures this week from you all during drop-off/pick-up.


We were able to feed six families with all of our food donations, and I'm bringing a basket to another family today. Praise the Lord! We were able to share with them the love of Christ through actions as well as books. One of the families has expressed interest in Bible studies!! God is AMAZING! We will be continuing this service through Christmas, so please continue to bring in donations! Our goal is to provide 10 food baskets through the Christmas season, and we would love your participation in being the hands and feet of Jesus! We need donated:

  • laundry baskets/reusable shopping bags to pack-up/deliver food

  • canned/boxed food (rice, beans, vegetables, fruits, pasta, sauces, soup, baby food, powdered or canned milk, flour, cornmeal, oil, etc)

  • fresh fruits/vegetables that won't spoil quickly (potatoes, onions, carrots, squash, apples)

  • fresh dairy/meats that can be frozen (milk, cheese, chicken, turkey, fish)

  • personal supplies (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc)


Please send $5 with your student if you want them to have hot lunch. This week's lunch menu is:


Wednesday: Quesadillas, beans, rice, salad

Friday: PIZZA!


Please send with your student:

- Utensils (forks/knives/spoons) & any plates or bowls that they would need

- Condiments (any ketchup/sauces that they would like with their food)

- Fruit/vegetables peeled and cut

Thank you!!


I apologize for this delay. There was miscommunication between the conference office and the schools regarding the contact person who was in charge of school screenings - he had retired and that information was not sent to the schools. We were placing phone calls and emails with the person and learned 2 weeks ago that the reason why we never had our calls returned was due to the person no longer working for the state! We are trying our best to locate another screening company. We appreciate your patience!


  • DECEMBER 10 - BAKE SALE & HOLIDAY MARKET : It's time to whip out those mixers - December's bake sale is coming up! What tasty holiday delights do you have in store for us? We want to see (and taste!) them all at the bake sale! We are also inviting people with small businesses to participate by selling their products. Please contact me for details. Can't wait to see you there!

  • DECEMBER 17 - CHRISTMAS PARTY/FIELD TRIP AT MAIN EVENT - LEWISVILLE: We always have a Christmas party, and we always have a field trip to Main Event, so why not combine them into one event! We will have all of our holiday fun at Main Event from 11:00am - 1:00pm. More details will be provided later this week.

  • DECEMBER 18 - CHRISTMAS PROGRAM & BAPTISMS: On Saturday, December 18 we will be participating in the Christmas program at Lewisville SDA Church and several of our students will be getting baptized! We hope to see everyone there!

  • DECEMBER 20 THROUGH JANUARY 4 - WINTER BREAK: We will be on Winter Break from Monday December 20 - Tuesday January 4, returning to school on Wednesday, January 5.

Thank you for entrusting your precious children's education to us - it is an honor that we do not take lightly! We continue to solicit your prayers as we work to provide your student with the highest quality of education as we point them to Christ. We are always praying for you! God bless, Mrs. Huffin Mrs. Ermshar

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