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Back to School...Already??

Yes! Can you believe it? It seems like it was just yesterday that we all went on Spring Break and never returned to class! But that was *so* last year...and this is, well, the new school year! Yay for new beginnings! As you know, school begins on Monday, August 17. Grades 1-8 will begin online until September 8th, while Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten will begin in school. The classrooms are open to ANY student who cannot attend school online for whatever reason - this is your home and we are are your family! We will make any reasonable accommodation for you! We will be having our Open House & Registration on Thursday, August 14 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. This will be conducted in person at the school, as well as on Zoom! So if you still feel uneasy about being around groups of people or cannot make it to the school, you can join us on Zoom! T he meeting link is:

Meeting ID: 897 1655 0876

Passcode: 6TbB2Z **Here are some links for much needed information on this website:** Registration forms (NEW STUDENTS ONLY)

**Returning students will have their previously entered information carried over**

Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Classroom Supply List 1st - 4th Grades Classroom Supply List

5th - 8th Grades Classroom Supply List

I so look forward to seeing you all! We are trusting God for an amazing, blessed, and healthy school year!


Mrs. Huffin

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