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April 24 - KSCS News You Can Use!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Thank you all for ensuring that your students conducted a beautiful program yesterday! They all did a fantastic job and we are super proud of them! We look forward to sharing the successes of our students with all of the churches and organizations in our area!


REMEMBER!! SATURDAY, May 7: KSCS will be conducting the church program at the Lewisville SPANISH SDA Church (the building next door to us). We need you!!! Not only to bring your students, of course, but to also SUPPORT your students!

The students will also be conducting church programs on the following dates at these churches:

  • May 14: Carrollton SDA Church



Yes, my friends - it is that time again! Students will be demonstrating their learning progress from January to April. This week, students will be testing in Math & Science; next week students will be testing in Reading & Language. To help prepare your students to do their best, please ensure that students:

  • Get 10-11 hours of sleep

  • Begin the day with prayer with their family, and are encouraged by their parents!

  • Eat a nutritious, protein-rich, low-sugar breakfast

  • Have low stress when they come into school in the morning (VERY IMPORTANT!)

  • Come to school with healthy snacks, as we will be taking frequent brain breaks

  • Have a healthy, rounded lunch

  • Are asked about their day and how well they did. They're working hard to please you, so please ask them about their progress!


REGISTRATION/OPEN HOUSE NIGHT! - 6:30pm Thursday, April 28. Come join us for a Spaghetti dinner while we're registering your students for next year! We cannot accept a student's registration without 1/4 of the registration fee ($131.25) being paid at the time of registration. There is a $50 discount if the registration fee is paid in one payment by July 15. We are continuing to allow registration fees to be paid in 4 monthly installments:

  1. $131.25 at the time of registration

  2. $131.25 by May 30

  3. $131.25 by June 30

  4. $131.25 by July 30.



Sunday, May 8th 12:00PM

Come join us as we celebrate one of the most precious gifts God has given us - the mothers in our lives!

Treat your mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, or friend to a beautiful luncheon held in the Knowledge Seekers Fellowship Hall.

This event is love-donation based, and we will have flowers & chocolates for sale.

Please register here:


SUMMER LEARNING - JUNE 20 - JULY 29 : We know that students suffer from learning loss during the 3 months of summer break. To prevent learning loss, we will be offering a summer learning program for 6 weeks this summer at a very reasonable cost - only $40 per week per student. The summer program will be Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm (K-4) and 1:00 - 4:00pm (5th-8th). Your student can attend 2, 3, or 5 days a week. We will also have on Tuesday & Thursday evenings:

  • Math Fact Drills (2nd- 5th) from 4:15pm - 4:45pm

  • Math in Music (1st-4th) from 5:00pm - 5:45pm

  • STEM/MATH Acceleration (5th-8th) from 6:00pm - 6:45pm

Summer Learning registration forms will be provided on Registration Night, Thursday, April 28.



Monday's Lunch: Deli Sandwich Bar

Wednesday's Lunch: Haystacks (Taco Salad)

Friday's Lunch: Hotdogs & tater tots

Please click on the link to order:

Thank you for your dedication to God's school!

- Mrs. Huffin

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